1.Carefully choose wood
MaxSauna has established long-term stable strategic cooperative partnership with Canada wood suppliers, we imported the quality wood materials (Grade A Canadian Cedar and Hemlock) from Canada directly that will be more effective to guarantee the quality of wood material and save costs. We strictly execute eight working procedures to carefully choose wood material from original to assembly.


2.No warping and cracking on wood
The wood used to construct a far-infrared sauna cabin needs to be kiln dried to about 10% moisture content to prevent warping and cracking. This process takes 4-6 weeks and some manufacturers tend to ship out saunas have not been afforded the necessary time to be properly cured. MaxSauna owns the sole solar-energy Wood Drying kiln in China with unique wood drying technology to insure the wood pieces to avoid warping and cracking.


3.Unique Non-Pinholes Technology
Pinholes on the sauna cabins are daunting for many other sauna manufacturers and wholesalers, but that is handy for us, the pinholes will never appear on the MaxSauna saunas that thanks to the unique Non-pinholes Technology we created.


4.Large high-tech carbon heaters
Our large high-tech carbon heater panels are 95-98% efficient in producing desired bandwidth of infrared light energy, the surface temperatures of carbon heater panels are much lower and the infrared heat is distributed evenly oval a very large total surface area. Our large carton heater panels are mounted around the sauna walls to create full-body coverage that will be more benefits and less time.


5.Highest quality
Our skilled manufacturing and research team, advanced equipments, superb technology and quality management system (ISO9001) ensure each product will be highest quality and satisfied by customers, each parts in the sauna will be strictly tested for long time and repeatedly tested in different procedures to make sure the saunas perform greatly.


6.Safe, non-toxic materials
All elements of MaxSauna saunas are made with safe, non-toxic materials and 100% quality controlled by MaxSauna and approved by Rohs.


7.Beautiful and durable craftsmanship
Sauna as a major investment for a family, It is important to purchase a sauna which looks great to decorate the home. We execute the furniture quality standards to make the saunas more beautiful, we pay more attentions on details, unlike other manufacturers ignore the details like the knot, stain, nail holes. Not only the beautiful craftsmanship, our saunas are constructed with thicker and stronger wood ensure the saunas to be more durable.


8.Ultra Low EMF
With our exclusive manufacturing process, we can cancel out EMF to levels practically undetectable.

9.Safety certificate
MaxSauna adheres to the upmost safety standards, our electrical certification ensures that all of our saunas has been tested to meet safety and performance standards. All electrical parts and our saunas are certified by CE, TUV and ETL.
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